PennDOT warns of trucks following unmarked detour to Sunbury

File photo of Duke Street project

NORTHUMBERLAND – Police are cracking down and PennDOT is warning motorists about crossing Water Street/Route 11 illegally. PennDOT’s Mindy Foresman tells us the department has been made aware of hundreds of vehicles crossing Water Street illegally.


A new issue too is trucks over 36 feet going on Priestly Avenue and King Street toward Sunbury, “We want all vehicles to take the detour through Shamokin Dam. Trucks being there is not a good thing at all, so everybody really needs to keep an eye out for trucks. They may need to stop and let the truck go through.”


Foresman says some Queen Street motorists have also been either illegally crossing Water Street, “There is a sign at the intersection at Queen and Water Streets that says, ‘All traffic must turn right.’ So if you go across Water Street from Queen down to Priestly, it’s actually against the law or if you would actually want to turn left towards Danville, which is against the law also.”


Northumberland Mayor Daniel Berard said police are cracking down, and while many, many vehicles do cross Water Street illegally, and many more are being ticketed now.

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