NFF: Woman relying on neighbors to be her family and friends

MILTON – A Milton woman, who has no family, and who has very little income, says she has always relied on the kindness of her neighbors to get along. This year, for the first time, Angela Evans, 48, is turning to the Needy Family Fund.


She says she will say ‘yes’ to their offer for food for the holidays, “They are so sweet to put me on this list so I can have a good Christmas, hopefully with them, makes me want to cry. They really are my family, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”


Evans says she doesn’t know who signed her up. She is single and moved to the Valley from New York.  She says she  can’t work and is on disability and that still makes her even more grateful for what her neighbors do to help, “My family is my neighbors. I live in low-income housing, and we all do whatever we can to support and help each other and feed each other and clothe each other.”


Evans says she spent last Christmas alone, but she still hoping to spend this holiday season with her favorite neighbors, “Last year, they spent Christmas with their families and their friends and I spent it alone. I didn’t mind because I had gotten Jesus, so I ate a can of lentil soup and sang Christmas carols.”


The Daily Item, Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation, Salvation Army and Mifflinburg Bank and Trust are sponsoring the Needy Family Fund. You are asked to please consider a generous contribution. Tax deductible donations can be mailed or dropped off at any Mifflinburg Bank and Trust location. Eligible families will receive toys, food, clothing and gifts from Salvation Army in Sunbury and Milton. More information at and


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