Needy Family Fund Family: Single mom struggling to find a job

SUNBURY – A single mom forced to leave a job is now having trouble finding new work, and is again turning to the Salvation Army and the Needy Family Fund. 27-year-old Chelsea Scholl left her last job at a McDonald’s in March for what she claims, “I was sexually harassed and nobody did anything about it. I’ve been applying everywhere, even for like third shifts.”


Scholl says she  does have some income from child support and other avenues, but it’s not nearly enough, “It’s very hard. That’s why I had to get back on cash assistance, so if it wasn’t for that, my daughter wouldn’t have anything at all. I live back at home with my mom. I was out on my own for four years.”


Scholl’s mom is 52 and has a full-time job. Scholl says she knows how great the Needy Family Fund is; after her father died, the family was referred to Salvation Army last year, “It’s amazing and I honestly wish one of these years I can be the one to actually help a family out in need since they are helping me out.”


Scholl says her nine-year-old daughter would like dolls for Christmas.

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