New sports complex being discussed at Midd-West

MIDDLEBURG – A new sports complex is in the works for the Midd-West High School campus. Midd-West School Board President Victor Abate tells us plans are still in the initial stages. The new complex could include a new 2,000-seat stadium with a new track. The stadium would also host football, field hockey, and lacrosse. Abate says it would be the focal point of the complex.


Ideas for the complex also include a new synthetic turf surface at the existing soccer stadium. Abate says practices for other sports could also be conducted on that new turf. A new baseball field would also be built, along with relocating an existing softball field. A new field house is being discussed as well, which would be built in between the soccer and new stadium. Abate says 300 more parking spots would also be included in the plans.


An estimated cost is still being finalized and Abate says ways of funding are still being determined without raising taxes. Superintendent Rick Musselman tells us the district is looking into applying for two $250,000 grants from USA football for the new turf at the planned stadium.


Musselman says the full board has yet to hear about the idea. He says the district’s architect is looking into it to find an approximate price. The soonest the full board would hear the full idea with approximate funding is the next board meeting October 22. See the projected plans at

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