New joint 911 center to be fully ready by 2019

LEWISBURG – We now know the timeline for the renovation of the new location of the recently launched Union-Snyder 911 Center.  It’s going to called CSR 911, and during a luncheon with the Union County Commissioners and League of Women Voters Tuesday.

Cheryl Stiefel, Executive Director of the Central Susquehanna Regional 911, announced dispatchers from both counties will move into the existing Snyder County 911 center in Selinsgrove, which will be expanded. Expansion is scheduled to begin in late July or early August and completed by January 2019. The new 911 center will then officially open in February 2019.

Stiefel says a feasibility study determined moving into the existing Selinsgrove location was the best option, “We also found in the study that we would need a place for all the dispatchers and that our current existing facilities didn’t have that capability. So we were able to get some of the money from that 15% grant and designed to expand the center. Right now, we’re working through the different contracts and the architects are going through their final designs, and the joint commissioners are going to be approving that.”

In addition, the new CSR 911 will be installing 911 texting within the next six months. Stiefel says it’s still a work in progress, “One of the things we have to have for that is screen capture, and that’s our way to record it.  Right now we can record any 911 call that comes in, but we couldn’t record texts to 911. So we actually have to have a screen capture that records that, so that’s another process we’re going to have to work through.”

Once the center opens, Stiefel says there will typically be four dispatchers on duty and a total of nine full-time dispatchers on staff per county. Stiefel says the decision to move into one entity will save both counties $1 million in a five-year period.

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