New features coming this holiday season in downtown Lewisburg

LEWISBURG – Shoppers in downtown Lewisburg will notice some new features this holiday season, and yes, there will be Christmas lights in the trees. This after last year’s controversy when Christmas lights were shut down at the beginning of the holiday season. It was then when  Lewisburg Borough Council said the current lights at the time were in bad shape and it couldn’t afford to replace them, but temporary lights were put up days later.


Ellen Ruby is the Executive Director of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership, “This year, we have the same lights as last year. We have a design committee that is working on a project to basically check out what are options are to go bigger and better and how we can do that in a fiscally responsible and sustaining way.”


As the holiday shopping season starts next Friday, Ruby says there will be new holiday shopping passes available in most downtown stores, “That offers 15% off one item at all the participating merchants that are listed on the back of the pass. That is good for November 29 and 30, and November 30 is of course, Small Business Saturday.”


Also new this year is a noteworthy directory map that will be available to all shoppers in the downtown, “Just this year, we have worked with a locally residing, but internationally known artist…her name is Cornelia Carpenter…to design our new directory. They’ve just been shipped and we’re going to have them in the stores next week.”


The downtown’s holiday tree lighting will take place Thursday, December 5 at 7 p.m. in Hufnagle Park, followed by Late Night Shoppers Night Friday, December 6. Hear more on the WKOK Podcast page, or visit WKOK on Apple Podcasts or Google Play and subscribe.


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