New exhibit coming to the Milton Art Bank

SUNBURY – Milton is your place for art this fall as the Milton Art Bank is set to unveil another new exhibit.


Brice Brown, Founder of the Milton Art Bank, was on WKOK Sunrise recently discussing what you can expect when you walk into the renovated 19th century bank that he opened over a year and a half ago, “Exhibitions that range from painting to sculpture, we just had a more conceptually driven piece. We’ve also held dance performances and experimental music. It’s just a space where we can try out new, different things in Milton and see if we can get some conversations and some community building going.”


Brown says they have an exciting new exhibit coming to the Milton Art Bank in November, “It’s a museum quality survey of surrealist works from the 30’s, 40’s and a little bit later. I’m bringing in works from private collections all over the world. Things are coming from Paris, and New York, and California, and its painting and sculptures, all tied in to Bucknell’s year of surrealism.”


The surrealism exhibit at the Milton Art Bank begins on Thursday, November 1st 2018 and runs through February 24th, 2019. The Milton Art Bank is located at 23 South Front Street in Milton. To hear the rest of the conversation with Brice Brown, please go to the WKOK Sunrise archive page at

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