New youth rehab center at Northumberland Co. south campus

SUNBURY – On the Northumberland County south campus, the county lost the youth rehabilitative component, but now they’ve signed a lease agreement with a new company with similar services.

During a special public meeting Tuesday, the county commissioners unanimously approved a lease agreement with Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers, LLC. It is a five-year lease at $15,000 per month, with a 2% annual increase, plus the company will pay all utilities and taxes.

Commissioner Sam Schiccatano says he’s glad to see another youth rehabilitative company come in so quickly, “We are trying to help people with drug and alcohol problems and rehabilitating juveniles. That’s what the goal was besides just building a prison. Thank God we were able to do that in three years, because most places take forever to do that.”

Schiccatano says the center is similar to its outgoing tenant, TrueCore Behavioral Solutions LLC, “They’re going to be similar to what TrueCore actually did. They’ll be rehabilitating juveniles. I’ve been talking on the phone with them since a few months ago. Being that they’re willing to go with a five-year lease, I think it’s a good thing that we know down the line what’s going to happen and they want to build this up.”

The center also serves at-risk youth and their families, with another location in Lewisburg. The center also offers treatment for those who’ve experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and trauma. Schiccatano says the center will take over True Core’s spot by the summer. True Core’s lease ends in June. TrueCore informed the county it was leaving the south campus in a February letter.


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