New contract for Sunbury police officers approved by city council

SUNBURY – The Sunbury police department has a new contract. The new five-year contract approved at Monday night’s city council meeting includes reductions in sick leave hours and increases in starting salary.

Officers have agreed to a reduction in the amount of sick leave they are able to accrue from 2,080 hours to 1,080 hours. City Solicitor Joel Wiest discussed the salary changes in the new contract, “In addition, the officers have agreed that the salary would go from six years to attain the top salary, to eight years to obtain the top salary. However, we have increased the starting salary to make us more competitive with other municipalities.”

Officers will also now be making a contribution of seven percent to pay for the cost of health insurance for themselves and their families. Officers may still retire after twenty years now matter how old they are, however, they cannot begin to draw their pension until age 50 under the new contract.

Wiest said officers have also agreed that they would not oppose to regionalization of the city police department if that issue were to come up during the terms of this agreement, provided the current officer’s positions were retained.

Mayor Kurt Karlovich says that this contract helps to move the police department forward, “It’s been a long process. We’ve all worked together for over a half a year right now for this police contract. This really helps to stabilize the Sunbury police department to move it forward.”

Mayor Karlovich tells WKOK that full time officers can start off at $45,760 up to $53,000 per year depending on experience. The contract expires in 2023.

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