More Snyder County Court updates…40-years in jail on sentence

MIDDLEBURG  – More court action in Snyder County this week.


  • A man was resentenced to up to 40 years in state prison for third-degree homicide and other charges. Josh Snook was previously convicted of those charges for a stabbing incident resulting in the death of his grandmother and injury to his grandfather.


Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch says Snook filed an appeal alleging he was not adequately advised during trial. Snook  eventually agreed to withdraw his appeal, which finalizes the case and the 40-year jail term.


  • A man charged with involvement in a methamphetamine cooking operation is heading for trial. D-A Piecuch says Jeremy Wertz filed a motion to suppress evidence alleging that Probation and Parole officers illegally entered his home but that motion is denied and the trial can proceed.
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