More ‘Golden Ticket Award’ accolades for Knoebels

ELYSBURG – The national recognition keeps on coming for a Valley amusement resort. In a news release, Knoebels Amusement Resort has announced it has received some first place awards from the 2019 Golden Ticket Awards by Amusement Today. The park says Knoebels ‘Phoenix’ was named the No. 1 wooden roller coaster in the world for the second straight year. ‘Phoenix’ is one of only two wooden coasters named in the top ten each year for 22 years.

Knoebels also won for best food for the 17th time in 20 years, and its Grand Carousel won the Golden Ticket ‘legend’ award. Knoebels was also a finalist in other categories, including No. 3 for Best Halloween Event, No. 5 for Best Dark Ride for its Haunted Mansion, and Nos. 33 and 45 in the top 50 wooden roller coasters for ‘Flying Turns’ and ‘Twister,’ respectively.

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