MLK celebration all week at Bucknell

LEWISBURG – The late American novelist James Baldwin was quoted as saying “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Carmen Gillespie, Professor in the Department of English, and the Director at the Griot Institute for African Studies at Bucknell University says that quote is the mindset used in approaching this week of celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr called “Facing Change.”


Gillespie talks about the purpose of this week, “To think about the ways Dr King’s legacy isn’t just something of a relic of the past, but has pertinence today and our challenges in the contemporary moment. Particularly if you say in terms of this great divide that we seem to find ourselves in at this moment.”


Dr. King said “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” but is America bending, “I would have hoped that we were further ahead than we are now, personally, and I hope that we can regain some of that progress as people are becoming more aware perhaps, and more concerned about how that manifests and how it effects our wellness, our being as a nation.”


Gillespie says the “Facing Change” celebration is not all about talking, it’s about doing as well, “We do have a charitable gift drive that will be going on all week and people can bring goods to either the Elaine Langone Center or to the evening lectures to support our local charities.”


The “Facing Change” celebration will be a week-long event that will feature five prominent scholars discussing aspects of Dr.King’s life, death, and his impact not only on his time, but current times as well.  You can see a full schedule of the “Facing Change” activities at, and to hear the full conversation with Carmen Gillespie, go to our podcast page at


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