UPDATE: Midd-West football OK after NFL miscommunication

MIDDLEBURG – Despite finding out it won’t be receiving as much NFL funding as originally thought, the Midd-West varsity football program is believed to be in good shape moving forward. Midd-West School District Superintendent Rick Musselman tells us the district is still looking at how to fund the program past its 2020 season, but he believes the program will go on.

This comes after we last told you there was a miscommunication between the NFL and Midd-West; the district had been told by a now former NFL employee it would received three years of funding – but the NFL has since said the agreement was for only one season. But because of the confusion, Musselman says the NFL will still kick in about $14,000 to cover transportation costs this year. The NFL is also providing an additional $10,000 for this season and $10,000 for the 2020 season.

Musselman tells us the biggest funding issue is covering yearly transportation costs. Since the program’s inception, the football quarterback club had been given the responsibility to pay for transportation, with the district taking care of other expenses. Musselman says he suggested the club to keep saving money because of the transportation bill.

In addition to other football expenses, Musselman says says the district also has to worry about transportation costs for growing participation in the district’s band and cheerleading programs. However, he says transportation costs should drop once the team joins the Heartland Athletic Conference next season.

Despite all the confusion, Musselman says the district remains very thankful for all the money received from the NFL.

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