Rep. Rowe: Governor made mistake regarding “shutdown”

House member David Rowe on WKOK’s On The Mark

HARRISBURG — One of the Valley’s lawmakers says Governor Tom Wolf made a huge mistake this week when he said was ‘ordering’ non-essential businesses to shutdown,”There is unfortunately quite a bit of miscommunication whether within the administration itself , whether it is a miscommunication on the dissemination level, but the governor needs to very clearly explain to people what the directives are and his people need to do the same.”


State house member David Rowe (R-85th, Lewisburg) of Lewisburg said the governor should make a stronger effort to clarify that — the governor is strongly urging, not ordering, non-essential business to close,”Businesses should be taking sensible precautions on prevention, but I think you and I as consumers need to realize that the businesses that we typically patronize are still our friends, families and neighbors, who rely on our patronage to feed their own families. Taking sensible precautions is a huge factor but we still need to be supporting our small business owners.”

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