Milton School Board approves proposed final budget

IMG_20160517_191912MILTON- The Milton Area School Board approved its proposed final budget for the 2016-2017 school year by a  vote of 7-2. The final budget is set at 33.1 million with revenues of 32.7 million, leaving a $467,644 deficit. The budget’s final real estate millage is set at 14.23 mills in Union County, an increase of 0.68 mills, for a 5% real estate tax increase. In Northumberland County the millage is set at 61.32 mills, raised  2.3-mills, for a 3.9% tax increase.


Business Manager Brian Snyder explained how the district lowered their expenditures by 2.7 million since January, “The majority of the decreases or cuts were capital improvements for the district. A lot of them focused on safety and security for our students, but they are major projects and things that our district just can’t afford at this time.”


The budget will be posted on the districts website today for public review. (Ashley Thomas)

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