VIDEO HERE: Microsoft video of Milton schools $10,000 books gift

MILTON – Librarians at Milton schools say there has been an incredible recovery after a devastating loss of $100,000 worth of library books in the Milton Area School District last year. The books were ruined by mold in some of its buildings last summer. Thanks to Microsoft Education Corporation, Milton school district received $10,000 worth of new books recently. The donation will help restore the libraries in Milton’s Baugher, White Deer, and Montandon Elementary Schools.


Karey Killian is the district’s Elementary Library Media Specialist, “The best part is seeing the smiles and the excitement on students’ faces when they see these books, when they see their favorites back on the shelves…our students love reading and they love seeing the newer titles they selected. So this is their library and we make that a point.”


Killian says she is a member of the Microsoft Innovator Educator Experts…It’s a select group of global teachers and administrators who deploy technology to teach children. Killian says she casually mentioned the devastation to her contact leader and that’s when the donation idea came about.


After hearing Milton’s story, Killian says Microsoft created a campaign called the “Change Maker Series,” to make the donation, “We lost 2,000 books at Baugher Elementary School, and three fourth’s of the library was completely gone. So they knew my story and our friends at Microsoft Education wanted to do something. They all agreed they wanted to donate books to help fill our libraries.”


At the start of the school year, after students saw the damage, Killian had her students choose what books they wanted to have back or new books they wanted for the first time, “The very first library class at all three schools I had students make wish lists. ”


“Every student wrote on a card either the title of the book, or drew a picture of the book…what interests them, what do they want to see this library filled with…All the books that came are from a company called Mackin. So the books we are getting are books students have requested,” she said.


In addition to the donation, Microsoft sent a team of filmmakers to Milton. There they interviewed Killian and Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan, and documented the damages. The video is now available on the district website and Facebook page.  Here is the link to that video:


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