Middleburg man in custody after domestic incident


MIDDLEBURG— A state police SWAT team was called to a domestic incident overnight in Snyder County and now a Middleburg man is in custody because of the violent incident. Friday Middleburg Police,  then state police, were called to a home on Wausau Road after police said, ‘a man was out of control.’

When police got there, they said a 35-year-old man had assaulted a woman, and the woman and children were still in the house.

After police arrived, the suspect fled the home through a window, went to the roof of the home and attempted to climb off of a tree. The suspect made threats to jump from the second story of the home and failed to comply with officers. The suspect went back into the home and challenged officers with two knives.

The remaining family members were removed from the home and they were taken to a safe location.

After being extracted from the home, the male suspect was taken to Geisinger.  Middleburg police say the investigation is continuing and charges will be filed. His name is not being disclosed.

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