Midd-West eliminates tax increase proposal after Wood-Mode layoffs


MIDDLEBURG – After several hundred workers at Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry were abruptly laid off Monday, a Valley school district is eliminating a tax increase in its latest budget proposal. Midd-West School District Superintendent Rick Musselman tells WKOK the district approved to eliminate its proposed 1.6 tax increase to accommodate those affected by the Wood-Mode job losses. It occurred during Monday night’s board meeting.


Musselman says the district reduced its proposed $38.68 million budget to $38.51 million, eliminating just under $170,000 in expenses. He says because of the elimination, the district will not hire a teacher replacement at Middleburg Elementary School. The district will also not hire a second police officer for its newly formed police force.


Musselman says a chief of police was hired at a full-time salary of $45,000. He also says the district will still address its mental health concerns by bringing in a CMSU employee through its partnership with the district.


Musselman says the district is also affected by the Wood-Mode layoffs, since it will lose earned income tax from those employees. He says even the tax increase proposal is eliminated, the district is still looking at other options to reduce costs.

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