Men’s Health Month: Men don’t see docs, won’t live as long

June is men’s health month

SUNBURY — Statistically, men tend to not go to the doctor as often as they should. June is Men’s Health Month.  Kathryn Long, Weis Markets Registered Dietician says statistically men do not live as long as women, “So in 1920, women lived on average one year longer than men, but now women live almost 5 years longer. So the top causes of death for men are number one, heart disease, then cancer and then accidents is number 3.”


One in two men are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime compared to one in three for women and men are more likely to die as a result.   Long says the reason for this is men go to half as many preventive doctors visits as women.


“That’s why it’s really important to get that annual physical, see what’s going on, know your numbers, because if you do have a health issue coming up the earlier you can spot it, and start to manage it and treat it, the better the outcomes are going to be later,” she said.


Erin Dunleavy is also a Registered Dietician at Weis Markets, she adds that if you don’t feel right, see your doctor, “You know your body the best so when you feel off, or if you don’t feel right, it’s important to get that checked right away, because too often we hear that fatal things happened and them saying ‘the last thing we heard oh, we just felt off, they didn’t feel right.'”


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