Annual wreaths into river help Danville observe Memorial Day,

DANVILLE—On Monday, Memorial Day observances in Danville will start with a brief ceremony at the Danville Riverside Bridge at 10 a.m., followed by a parade to Memorial Park, where official services will be held at 11 a.m. Montour County Veterans Affairs Director, Doug Ressiguie, says two locals will be recognized during the parade.

The ceremony at the park will include an address by Tim Egan, an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam. Ressiguie says the program also includes some of their younger residents this year.

“One of the parts that I love about our ceremony at the park is that we’ve gotten the high school kids involved,” Ressiguie says.

“Again this year, we have a high school girl that is going to be singing our National anthem and leading us in the Battle Hymn of the Republic… She’s a 10th grader. We have some 8th graders that are going to be doing our readings for In Flanders Field and Gettysburg Address.”

Ressiguie says Danville has always been a supportive community with impressive attendance at this annual commemoration.

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