For Memorial Day, Lewisburg freshmen moves WWII memorial

Lewisburg Freshman works to move memorial

Sarah Mahoney of Lewisburg, after her morning show appearance on WKOK and 94KX

SUNBURY — The new Lewisburg High School has been open for a full school year now, but something was still missing from the new building. Lewisburg freshman Sarah Mahoney made it her mission this year to move the World War II Veterans Memorial from the old school to the new one.


Mahoney, whose father served in the military for 22 years, told WKOK why this project was so important to her, “I’ve just always valued their service towards our country because it just makes such a difference in every one of our lives, and our lives would not be the same without our veterans and I think that they deserve a lot of recognition for that.”


The Memorial Garden rededication ceremony will be this Monday, Memorial Day, at noon. Mahoney, who will soon be a Girl Scouts of USA Gold Award recipient, says the decision of where to put the Memorial Garden was about continuity, “It is actually in the back of the school, near the football field, because initially this memorial was dedicated in 1946 at the old high school and it was placed in the back by Memorial Field, which was the football field. So we thought to have that little connection to the new high school as well would be a pretty great thing.”


Mahoney says there will be some WWII Veterans at the ceremony, “Throughout my project I’ve been contacting a lot of Veterans from World War II and I have several people attending, one of which was at the initial dedication in 1946 at the high school and he’s able to remember a lot of it and I’ve gathered some history from him.”


The rededication will be a noon Monday, following the downtown parade in Lewisburg.

There will be a flag ceremony performed by the Girl Scouts, and several speakers including several state house member Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer).



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