Medical screening is vital to surviving heart disease…in teens

SUNBURY — Heart disease is usually associated with older people, but teenagers have to be careful too. The untimely death of a local 14-year old, Alyssa Dressler in the summer of 2015, from cardiac arrest, underscores that imperative.


Julie Ranck, an aunt of Alyssa Dressler, says the creation of the Alyssa Dressler Foundation and the website was a result of channeling their family’s pain into something positive, “You have to focus your pain, to do good, and keep other families from suffering that same loss.”


Doing good and saving lives are the main objectives of the Alyssa Dressler Foundation, they are hosting a free youth heart screening at the Selinsgrove High School Saturday.


Julie says to “Screen your Teen,” because you might miss a problem with your regular checkups, “Your normal check-up, your heart is listened too with a stethoscope, which doesn’t pick up most heart conditions. You need the EKC, possibly further with the Echocardiogram.”


Julie Ranck says the testing is only one part of it, being prepared for a cardiac arrest is also important and will be part of the free screening on Saturday, “While the Cardiologists are going over that information (screenings), the students and their parents are given a little bit of CPR education and demonstrations and AED demonstrations.”


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