Mayor: Major improvements for Sunbury Police in 2020

More Sunbury Police Department improvements coming in 2020

SUNBURY – Through his first two years in office, Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich has worked to re-staff and upgrade the city’s police department, and making more improvements are in the mayor’s 2020 plans.

He says two more full-time officers will be hired, and, “We’re going to be doing additional training for officers, management of the department. We are in the process…or at least going to look at the future for an accreditation of the entire police department itself.”

Karlovich says the city is also looking into funding options for its new police station plan, which would renovate an existing warehouse owned by the city at Chestnut and Awl Streets.

He says this project remains the best option, “We’re going to be reinvesting into the actual community. We’re going to be reinvesting into a city-owned property that’s already off the tax row, so we don’t have to worry about that being removed any longer. And it’s going to make the local property value boost as well.”

Some citizens have been asking why not renovate the existing M&T Bank building on Market Street instead.  Karlovich says that location isn’t suitable for emergency services, “It does not have off-street parking for the property itself. It does not have ingress and egress for the building, multiple floors for the building, the condition for the building, and the condition for various property as well.”

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