May is Stroke Awareness Month, dietitian: Many can be avoided

SUNBURY – May is Stroke Awareness Month. The awareness level of strokes has risen over the past few months due to a famous actor, Luke Perry, dying because of a stroke at the age of 53. But some strokes can be avoided with diet, fitness and exercise.


Weis Registered Dietician Kathryn Long was on WKOK Sunrise recently, “High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor accounting for nearly 48% of all strokes and 8 in 10 people who experience their first stroke have high blood pressure.”


Long says 90% of all strokes can be prevented by eliminating 10 modifiable risk factors, “We could eliminate 50% of all strokes if we control hypertension. We could eliminate 39% of strokes if we took care of our physical inactivity. So too with other things, high cholesterol, poor diet, obesity, smoking, other heart issues, alcohol intake, stress and diabetes.”


Long says understanding the risk factors is helpful for prevention, but understanding the symptoms can save your life, “Most 911 calls for a stroke are not made right away because people just aren’t sure. But if you can get treated within the first three hours of the symptoms, you’re going to have the best results.”


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