Mask wearing sign at Wenger’s touching off social media firestorm

MIFFLINBURG – If you go to the Wenger’s Grocery Outlet near Mifflinburg, you’ll be greeted by a sign indicating some of the store’s occupants will be wearing a mask and others won’t.  It also indicates some members of the LGBTQ community help spread deadly diseases and sickness. That has prompted social media backlash, many people saying they won’t shop there, and a call for a ‘Wenger’s Pride Parade’ later this month.


The sign on the door lists 24 points, including coronavirus is not as contagious or deadly as the news media would have you believe, it cites the low death count in Union County, and contains a debunked AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) Tweet calling for governors to maintain restrictions until after the November election.


Item #19 is, “There are people who got covid19 and not all the others living in the same house got it, this proves that covid19 IS NOT AS CONTAGIOUS AS THE NEWS MEDIA AND MANY OTHERS HAVE BLOWN IT UP TO BE. A lot of these same people support LGBTQ. This life style is a sin in God’s eyes and spreads deadly diseases and sickness. Are they really concerned about people’s health???”


Contacted Monday, owner Mark Wenger said the sign is still up, ‘at the moment,’ but he wouldn’t elaborate.  He wanted us to tell everyone, “God loves everybody.”


Organizers of a Wenger’s Pride Parade plan to gather at the store Saturday, July 25, 1pm, say over 600 people ‘interested or going.’ Their post says, “After the hate displayed on their door, let’s show them how the LGBTQ community is about love.”

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