Diet, Fitness and Exercise: Weis Dietitians urge moderation in all things


SUNBURY- Many of us are obese, and we don’t heed sound diet and fitness advice… the lament of a dietician during March, National Nutrition Month. The month is an annual campaign from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to bring the focus back to nutrition in America. Kathryn Long, Registered Dietician at Weis Markets, tells us why a month long program to raise awareness is important.


“Thirty-five percent of adults have at least one chronic disease. We spend billions and billions of dollars on healthcare. Diseases that can be prevented through healthy eating we spend that money on. And eight in ten Americans think advice about what to eat is conflicting.


Long says it’s no surprise that people get conflicted about what is healthy to eat, because there is so much info out there. She says that’s why a month long campaign is important.


“During this month, recognize that dieticians are the experts when it comes to nutrition, and if you are looking for some advice, to seek out a registered dietician in your area. And that’s why it’s great that we are right here in the supermarket right when you’re shopping at that point of purchase that we can help you.”


Elizabeth Stark is also a Weis Registered Dietician, and she says try something new, and not only might you be healthier, but you could win something.


“If you try a new food that you’ve never tried before, or you try a new recipe, take a picture of it, email us and tell us what it was, and we’re going to send you out some goodies in the mail.”


That email address is [email protected]. You can hear more healthy eating tips from Long and Stark on the Sunrise podcast page at

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