‘Loneliness and the Four Loves’ conversation starting at Bucknell

Bucknell religious groups hosting conversations on loneliness

LEWISBURG – Loneliness is a growing problem on the Bucknell campus and now some religious groups at the University are offering more support and programming for students.

A conversation series ‘Loneliness and the Four Loves’ will be held Thursdays all next month. It is sponsored by The Bucknell Faculty Staff Christian Association, Bucknell Catholic Campus Ministry, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Bucknell Orthodox Christian Fellowship.

Kelsi Chuprinksi is the Assistant Catholic Campus Minister, “It’s mostly just going to be discussion groups. It’s not gonna be like the students are coming to another class. It’s going to be them coming in with their thoughts and their reflections based on the four loves, and how can we put them into our lives. It’s just to open up the discussion, because that’s where it starts. We need to start talking about it.”

The talks will coincide with the lead-up to Valentine’s Day and be an alternative to the university Sex Positive Week. Chuprinski says a big factor in ‘loneliness’ on campus the ‘hook up’ culture, “There’s no longer this idea of the male taking the female out on a date. There’s no longer this chording. It’s just simply ‘hooking up,’ going to parties, and its leaving my students very lonely.”

Each talk will be following the approach of C.S. Lewis in his classic short book, ‘The Four Loves,’ which focuses on affection, friendship, eros, and charity…or agape, “They all get a free book that they can come back to again and again because it is a book that you have to read more than once, it’s a bit philosophical. But in that, I hope we can empower them to not just go with the flow of the crowd, and instead, just maybe change the way they think, change the way they care for one another, change the way they care about themselves.”

Discussions will be held at the coffee lounge of the Humanities Center, Room 109, with pizza and soda provided. All are welcome even if you haven’t done the readings or can’t make all the discussions. Hear more about the upcoming discussions on the WKOK Podcast page.


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