Local TPS company developing sterilization for PPE products

Sterilization for PPE products being developed by Valley-based TPS


NEW COLUMBIA – A Valley company may have found a solution to sterilize the medical protective masks and clothing which come in contact with COVID-19. TPS (Thermal Product Solutions), a sterilization product manufacturer in New Columbia, is currently finishing testing of a product that could kill COVID-19 on any medical equipment or PPE used by hospitals.


Denny Mendler is the TPS General Manager, “We’ve worked with some of our partners, primarily universities and hospitals, and they’ve done some preliminary testing that has proved the kill of the bacteria on all the products associated with the PPE.”


Mendler says TPS is still in the testing phase and collecting additional data. The manufacturer will then submit the product to a regulatory body for a seal of approval. These units would then be sent to local hospitals initially, and even globally, to be used on N95 masks and other PPE.


“Currently, we’re working through the FDA. At some point, the local state of health will be involved once we start placing these units in local hospitals. The unique thing about our product is the hospitals don’t have to collect all these masks and PPE products, put them in boxes and send them off site. So this would be available for them to sterilize locally,” he said.


Mendler says the additional testing could take up to another two weeks, “We’re anticipating another 10-14 days, depending on how quick the government can work. I know currently, they’ve been fast tracking a lot of different drugs and things of that nature, so we’re hoping to get on that fast track so that we can get to the market and start keeping everybody safe.”

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