Clair Moyer of Lewisburg, running 85th write-in campaign


SUNBURY – Lewisburg native Clair Moyer is running for a seat in the state house, in the special election August 20th…trouble is…he’s not on the ballot.


Moyer, a Republican, says his positions are not very different from those he’s running against, “I am pro-life, I believe in an open government, where my office is open at all times where you can come in and talk to me. I’m concerned about your concerns, what’s on your mind, I just ask that if you come in, present a solution to me so we have a starting point and a focal point that we can go forward from, and that gives me something to build on from there.”


Moyer is running as a write-in candidate because he feels the process that was used to pick the two candidates on the ballot does not reflect what the people actually want, “You have a hand full of people who pick the candidate that is going to be on a ticket for that particular party, and realistically all that the public gets to do is ratify who they chose.”


Moyer says there are many issues to tackle within the Commonwealth if elected, but he feels our farmers get overlooked, “They are very critical to our existence. If we don’t have the farmers to provide the food and the milk to us, where do we turn to for that? I would want to work well with the farmers to come up with some way that we can better take care of them.”


Clair Moyer is a graduate of Lewisburg High School, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University Fullerton and spent 4 years of active duty in the Navy and served 3 tours in Vietnam.  For more information on Clair Moyer go to, and to hear the full conversation with candidate Moyer go to WKOK podcast page.

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