Local Moms group offers ‘BeSMART’ safe summer advice

SUNBURY – Now that the long days of summer are here, the local Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America group is out with some child safety information for parents. Mary Markle, one of the group members said, it isn’t just gun safety they talk about. For example, “By the way, ‘Does your child have allergies, we have a dog, we have a pool, if we go for a ride in the car, we buckle up.’ BeSMART is a conversation.”


She says BeSMART is a parent to parent discussion with parents about weapons, prescription drugs, dogs, alcohol, allergies, swimming pools, and other potential hazards in homes and wearing seat belts if they drive somewhere.  She says these things should be brought up and talked about in the child’s household, but in the homes where children visit.


She says it’s a conversation with parents regarding all of the potential hazards and risks facing children. Additionally, she says they’ll be taking their BeSMART trainings on the road, for a 25-minute presentation to local groups. She talked about the acronym and the presentation, “Be S-M-A-R-T, S is ‘Secure your weapons,’ M is ‘Model responsible behavior,’ A is ‘Ask questions,’ R is ‘Recognize risk factors,’ and T is ‘Tell your peers.’  So we dive a little deeper into each one of those letters and words and what they mean. After that we usually have a pretty engaged Q & A.”


The advocacy and education group with a chapter in Lewisburg was on On The Mark recently with their ‘BeSMART’ program. Markle she says the long days of summer are here and they want to make sure that kids are free to explore and enjoy themselves and they want to make sure homes are safe from guns and many other hazards in homes. (Mark Lawrence)

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