Lifelong radio man and community leader, John Yingling, has died

MILTON – A Valley community leader, John Yingling, has died. Yingling was well-known for his personal community and volunteer service in both the Milton and Lewisburg areas. Much of our region also heard his name on radio stations he co-owned, 100.9 The Valley and WMLP, Milton.

Friend and colleague, Than Mitchell, talks about his time with Yingling in radio, “We know that John was much loved by everybody and he was a voice of some reason, and a voice you recognized every time, that you probably should listen. The ’72 flood, he was part of that. And, WKOK and WMLP sort of worked together.”

Mitchell says at different ends of the political spectrum, he and Yingling had a marvelous time talking politics, “…and John and I did that all the time. At one point, for several years, we had a show that was called ‘Both Sides,’ where we each did thirty seconds of commentary and the other one argued or refuted that argument. Great times.”

Yingling was known for his booming voice, and his enthusiasm for causes he promoted such as the Cavalcade of Champions event, the Union County Veterans 4th of July parade, and the Milton Harvest Festival, “I’m gonna miss John, very much. He’s going to be missed by the folks who always listened to his voice in Milton,” Mitchell added.

In recent years, John lived in Lewisburg and was 87. He was a life long radio man and a U.S. Air Force veteran.


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