Report: Lewisburg sues East Buffalo Township over police funding

LEWISBURG – After threatening litigation for the past four months, Lewisburg has filed a lawsuit against neighboring East Buffalo Township over Buffalo Valley Regional Police funding. The Daily Item reports the borough’s attorney filed the lawsuit in Union County court Monday, and the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Commission is also named as a defendant.


We’ve reported both parties had agreed to a 52-48 percent split with the township responsible for the larger sum, but the township hasn’t paid. According to The Daily Item, the lawsuit alleges the township had no “factual or equitable basis” when it shrunk its municipal contribution by two percent in each of the past three years.


The township says there are inconsistencies with the agreement and want to continue negotiations.

The borough first issued a February 20 letter giving the township 60 days to respond to restore proper police funding. The borough then extended the deadline another 30 days without a resolution.

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