Lewisburg schools admonish anonymous athletic critic


LEWISBURG – The Lewisburg Area School District administration and school board is out with a statement admonishing someone who is trying to undermine the authority of athletic coaches and conducting an anonymous letter writing campaign.


Signed by school board and Superintendent Steven Skalka, the district’s letter indicates the athletic activities belong to the student-athletes, not the adults.  It does not say which coach or program was targeted, but indicates that the district doesn’t approve of toxic commentary or cowardly anonymous letters sent to students, coaches and school board members.


One coach has already resigned and the district’s statement says the they are hoping to create a positive environment for student athletes. The letter from the district is addressed to parents, guardians, and friends of the Lewisburg school district.  You can see the full statement from Lewisburg school district, at WKOK.com.

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