Lewisburg Live! caps off 2019 Lewisburg Arts Festival

LEWISBURG – The 2019 Lewisburg Arts Council Celebration of the Arts is underway with various exhibits, and other events taking place for the next two weeks–including the annual series of concerts. Lewisburg Live! is Saturday, May 11. Seven bands will perform live music at nine different venues.


Sara Kelley is a Lewisburg Arts Council board member, “We start at 6:30 and I think it goes to 11:30 (midnight)…every half hour, there’s another band starting, and they each play for two hours  somewhere downtown. All of it is free.”


Each band will have a variety of music from folk, to rock, to jazz, and the blues. Kelley says the goal is to have something for everyone to enjoy, “We have some local people, we have some people coming from Lock Haven, Harrisburg, State College…because we may not hear them all that often, this is a chance for us to give an art opportunity to people around here that they wouldn’t otherwise get.”


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