Lewisburg could sue East Buffalo Twp over police funding

LEWISBURG – The borough of Lewisburg has threatened to sue neighboring East Buffalo Township, claiming it violated its agreement to help fund its regional police. In a press release, the borough is threatening to sue the township to restore an estimated $40,000 shortfall. It was created each of the past three years when the township opted to reduce its contributions to the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department.


The borough accuses the township of violating the funding mechanism used to dictate contributions from each municipality – which is a 52-48 percent split with the township responsible for the larger sum.


In a letter sent to Buffalo Valley Regional Police and East Buffalo Township Supervisors, a Pittsburgh law firm representing the borough says a lawsuit would be filed 60 days from a dated February 20 letter sent to the Buffalo Valley Police. That date was Feb. 20, and the suit would be filed after that 60-day period if the township didn’t agree to restore its 52 percent of the funding.

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