Lewisburg clergy show support for Non-Discrimination Ordinance


LEWISBURG – Lewisburg’s LGBT community, seeking the passage of a Non-Discrimination Ordinance, now has the support of some of the borough’s clergy and followers of other philosophies. During a news conference Friday at the Union County Courthouse, several clergy members voiced their support by reciting a joint statement.


In the statement, they said they want to ensure all members of the community are protected from discrimination and they hope to peacefully mediate any differences in the borough.


A clergy member representing the Jewish faith was Rabbi Chana Leslie Glazer, “I feel very strongly that it’s important for as many clergy as possible support this to stand together and show that there is an ethical and moral voice that is needed in this moment to support this ordinance.”


The Reverend Ann Keeler Evans represented Unitarian Universalists, “You heard a lot about how important it is for people to practice their religious beliefs. And it certainly is. But it is also true that with our religious beliefs that we pay a premium to do that. In fact, this is really just an issue of civil rights. This isn’t a religious issue.”


Clergy and followers of the Buddhist faith, along with Ethical Humanists, and Atheists were also represented. The ordinance is not currently scheduled for vote. Some residents feel however, the ordinance would violate freedom of speech and religion. You can view the full statement below.

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