Landowners giving up land, maybe homes for southern CSVT section

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SHAMOKIN DAM – The southern section of the CSVT project is just about ready for final design, and it means some residents might lose a portion of their land, and some might lose their homes. This reality was discussed during Friday’s Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee meeting.


PennDOT officials told the committee, the department will need to acquire land from about 75 landowners in order to construct the southern section. PennDOT said the department will work to make accommodations for all of those affected. This process will start now for some affected residents, but others will have to wait until the project’s final design is complete.


Before final design can begin, PennDOT officials say they are seeking a state’s concurrence on the final environmental impact statement. An exact timeline for final design and construction will then be determined at a later date.

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