Congressional candidate Keller weighs in on Immigration & wall

SUNBURY – State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) is on the campaign trail to try and secure a chance to run for the seat in the US Congress vacated by Tom Marino.  Keller appeared on WKOK On The Mark program recently, and was discussing several topics concerning not only Pennsylvanians, but all Americans.


Keller says why he’s running for US Congress, “I do it because I’ve been afforded so many opportunities in my lifetime. I mean in any other nation, I’d still be as poor as I was when I was a kid. If you work hard and you do the right things, and that’s what our country was built upon, and I want to give back.”


When asked about President Trump’s border wall plan on the southern border, Representative Keller says he’s not opposed to border security, but there’s a larger picture, “We need to do things with our border to make sure it’s secure, but we also need to look at our immigration policies, and how people can come to the United States, because letting come in who haven’t done it properly is so unfair to the people who have done it properly.”


Keller elaborates on who we’re securing our border from, “You have immigrants, and you have illegal aliens, and I know some people over the years have changed that to an illegal immigrant, and now we’re dropping the illegal part, and we’re not calling the person illegal, but the action they are taking to get here illegal.”


The GOP conference to chose the Republican nominee is next month, then the special election for the 12th District US Congressional seat will be May 21, 2019. You can hear the full conversation with Representative Keller from On The Mark at our podcast page at

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