Kantz, Steininger thinking big with future of Snyder County


Incumbent Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz and his running mate, Chuck Steininger, are thinking big when it comes to Snyder County’s future. The pair is seeking the primary election for county commissioner May 21 first on the Republican ticket.


On a recent appearance on WKOK’s On The Mark, Kantz shared his concerns about the possibility of electing three new commissioners. He says if re-elected, he wants to change that, “I don’t think we should have all three commissioners up for election at the same time, because you have no continuity when you have three brand new commissioners, and you need some of that experience.”


Kantz also says county property owners could possibly see a big tax relief in the near future, “Our debt will be completely paid off in February of next year as a county. That saves us about a half a million dollar payment every year that we’ve been paying for 20 years or more. I truly believe, that within two years time, there is a chance that Snyder County will have since I’ve been here, a first reduced tax year in budget.”


Steininger says running with Kantz is a good fit for him, and he can also bring a lot of experience as a business owner. But he says the biggest reason for running is giving back to the community, “I’ve always been devoted to public service and helping people. I think at this point in my life, I’m ready to give back to the area. With Joe, I’ve looked at his experience, impressed with the way he’s worked with the county and the things he’s accomplished at the county and I thought ‘What a better running mate.’”

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