Judge rules in favor of Arabella Parker’s aunt on funeral

SUNBURY – The funeral services for three-year-old Arabella Parker can now proceed. A judge has ruled that the aunt’s wishes will supersede those of Parker’s jailed father.


Arabella is the child who died in the recent Trevorton child abuse case. According to media reports, a judge ruled in favor of Parker’s Aunt, Mandy Kegler and her wishes to have the child cremated.


The case was brought to Northumberland County Court after the child’s father, Karl Parker, disagreed with the funeral arrangements. He’s still at SCI Coal Township on a DUI charge.


The child died November 22, both the mother, Samantha Delcamp and her boyfriend, Jahrid Burgess, face murder charges and will have hearings this week.  Jahrid Burgess’ mother is also facing obstruction charges.

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