John Kurelja is moving to the CSIU: Warrior Run’s loss, the CSIU’s gain


Superintendent John Kurelja

MONTANDON – The CSIU Wednesday hired Warrior Run’s superintendent to be their Chief Academic Officer. The IU’s current academic officer is Amy Morton, but she’s retiring, so Wednesday night, in a unanimous vote, the IU agreed to hire John Kurelja as Morton’s replacement.


That will leave Warrior Run without a superintendent as they wade through a myriad of annual budget issues, and the district is in the middle of major facilities decisions. Kurelja’s salary will jump from $122,000 to $150,000.


The IU issued a statement saying Kurelja will provide leadership for the IU’s many academic and outreach programs. They cite his 26-years of education experience as one of the attributes he brings to office.  John Kurelja will start July 1 as Chief Academic Officer at the CSIU.

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