Northumberland County DA: Beware of IRS scam in The Valley

SUNBURY — Another local resident was almost the victim of a phone scam. Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz’s office tells us that the scam involves a caller claiming to be an IRS employee.

The call was received by a 68-year old Sunbury man who says he received a call from the IRS saying he owes over $5,000 to the IRS and he must make a payment immediately or he will go to prison. Despite the man saying he’s paid his taxes for 47 years, the so-called IRS agent persisted.

The caller told the man to go to CVS and purchase Google Play and/or Instant pay cards to clear up this matter.  The victim spoke to the pharmacist at CVS, who told the man that this was a scam and that he should call the police.

The DA’s office wants to warn the public that any request of immediate payments coupled with the threats of  incarceration are scams. If you’re suspicious of any call, hang up, and call the published number of the agency the caller is claiming to be from.

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