Infant affected by Geisinger infection still being treated

DANVILLE – One infant affected by a waterborne bacteria found in Geisinger’s neonatal ICU is still undergoing treatment. A Geisinger spokesman tells us the infant is still undergoing antibiotic treatment. Geisinger last told us that infant was responding well to the treatment. Monday, Geisinger announced three premature infants died as a result of the bacteria, and eight total infants were affected. Four infants have been successfully treated. Geisinger officials are now investigating where the bacteria is coming from, but they do know it is outside of the NICU. They tell WNEP there is still no evidence the bacteria passed from a staff member or from baby-to-baby.

Out of caution, the hospital has sent mothers likely to deliver before 32 weeks and infants born at less than 32 weeks to other hospitals with appropriate NICU capabilities. We will have an update in the near future on where these expecting mothers and premature infants are heading. Geisinger officials did say any expecting moms or babies past 32 weeks have nothing to worry about.

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