How to eat safe and healthy during the holidays


SUNBURY—Some dietary FAQ’s…Two registered dietitians were on WKOK Sunrise recently answering some frequently asked questions. Kathryn Long, Weis Markets Healthy Living Coordinator says questions about food allergies are among the most asked questions. She told us how they handle such questions, “We have category managers that are in charge of all the items in our stores. So I’ll reach out to the appropriate manager and they will get in touch with the manufacturer and they’ll give us the information.”


Long says that a lot of customers ask for lists of certain foods, such as foods which are low salt, or low sugar. She says she refers those people to their Nutri-F acts system, “There’s 14 health and lifestyle attributes in the program including gluten free, organic, low sodium, no added sugar, low grain. So if that is indicated on the product label, it will be then on the shelf tag right underneath the price.”


Beth Stark says you should check your pantry before you head to the store,  “As you’re preparing your shopping list, check the ingredients that you have. Make sure that the baking powder is within date, make sure the baking soda is within date. If you haven’t replaced those things or different spices or flour, it could be rancid and could impair the flavors of your baked good.”


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