How marijuana can be harmful for pregnant women

The dangers of marijuana for pregnant women

DANVILLE – Marijuana is slowly becoming legal, but that doesn’t mean there are still risks with the drug, especially for pregnant women. Geisinger Neonatologist Dr. Lauren Johnson-Robbins talked to WKOK about some of these risks. Dr. Robbins says one risk for mothers who smoke marijuana is exposing their baby to higher levels of the drug through breast milk.


Another is affecting the baby’s brain development, “ We know that marijuana obviously acts on your brain. That’s why you use it in the first place, and therefore we have great concerns over what marijuana is going to do to the developing brain.”


Dr. Robbins says the biggest problem is the drug being appealing to pregnant mothers because it helps with nausea, a common side effect with pregnancy, “And obviously most women go through pregnancy with some degree of morning sickness and nausea. These are women who obviously have no intention to do potential harm to their baby, but simply didn’t have any knowledge to say it’s not a good idea.”


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