Homicide leads to sadness in Selinsgrove community


SELINSGROVE – It’s a time of mourning in the Selinsgrove community after a homicide Saturday morning. Police won’t disclose what the entire community is discussing—the death of 75-year-old Ann Wochley, presumably at the hands of her husband Kenneth Wochley. Police say they’ll release information when they are certain every family knows about the death.

Home owned by Kenneth and Ann Wochley 606 Ninth Street Selinsgrove homicide crime scene police

Mr. Wochley was a respected teacher in the Selinsgrove School District, and Mrs. Wochley was active in the community, and a former borough employee. Social media conversations express shock, and an extreme sense of loss in the community. There is no new information from the police, district attorney or coroner.


It was Saturday morning, just after 10am, police got call about an unidentified person, who went to the home, got no response at the door, went in and found a woman on the floor, the victim of a homicide. A man was found unconscious in a chair. His current location is not known.


Police released immediately, that the case was a homicide and there was no danger the public, they had a person of interest and no additional information would be released until after Monday’s autopsy. WKOK’s calls to Selinsgrove police went unanswered Sunday. The crime occurred at 606 Ninth Street, a home owned by Kenneth and Ann Wochley.

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