Healthy eats for the Fourth of July

SUNBURY – With many people around the Valley gearing up for the Fourth of July, here are some healthy eating tips. The Registered Dieticians from Weis Markets joined WKOK Sunrise for some ideas.


Beth Stark, Lifestyle Initiative Manager says there’s a healthier way to enjoy a burger by making patties with lean ground beef and mushrooms, “Really finely chop your mushrooms, sauté them, then mix them in with the lean ground beef and make them into your burger patties. It adds so much juiciness and you really cannot tell.”


After grilling the burger, you can place it in a lettuce wrap or a whole wheat bun. Then for a healthy desert, snack or breakfast, there’s a red, white and blue parfait, “We have blueberries, then we put a layer of yogurt on top of that, and then on top of that, we’re going to finish off with some watermelon. So you have your red, white and blue layers. Strawberries would also be great, raspberries, or cherries.”


Stark says an angel food cake is also a good idea for a barbeque. You can hear more tips for the Fourth of July and for other healthy summer eats ideas at


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