Happy Hearts Hop for Valentine’s Day weekend in Sunbury

Valentine’s Day weekend in downtown Sunbury


SUNBURY – Whether it’s with that special someone or not, all are welcome to Sunbury’s downtown for Valentine’s Day weekend. The city is hosting its first ever Happy Hearts Hop this Saturday from 6-10 p.m. at four different establishments.


Sunbury City Councilman Chris Reis, also an active volunteer and board member with Sunbury Revitalization Inc.  is one of the organizers, “We wanted to showcase our downtown businesses, as they are growing, and also, there’s a lot of good food downtown, and we wanted to take advantage of that, so we put this together.”


The night starts with appetizers at McGuigan’s, “They have a choice of a couple different pub style appetizers. You can grab a drink there if you want, and then off to The Edison. They’ll have a buffet-style dinner there, where they’re going to have roast beef, jambalaya, mac and cheese, bunch of different kinds of things they specialize in.”


Then its dessert at The Dip-In. Owner Bob Snyder, “We’re actually going to be making hearts shaped from brownies, and then you’ll have your choice of eight different ice creams to choose from to put on it, and then various toppings to your liking from whipped creams, to peanuts, to hot fudge, peanut butter, however you like it. We’re going to make each one to order.”


The night caps off at Eclipse Craft Brewing Company. Organizers say all attendees can eat and drink at their own pace at each establishment. The whole night costs just $30 and all proceeds go back to the participating establishments…you can pay by cash or check.


Registration and money must be dropped off or mailed to at 132 Race Street, Sunbury by tomorrow. For more information, call 570-495-4556. You can also listen for more info on the WKOK Podcast page.


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