Gubernatorial candidates debate big topics in the Valley


LEWISBURG – Two of the three gubernatorial candidates seeking the May Republican nomination continued their campaign trails in the Valley Monday. Candidates Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth participated in a debate at the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meeting. In his opening statement, Mango addressed the heavily debated bathroom bill, looking to clear up his stance he says has been misrepresented.

He also criticized fellow candidate Scott Wagner for siding against the bill. Audio courtesy of PCN-TV, “I have five daughters. I still have one in high school. I don’t want someone walking into the locker room while she’s taking a shower, I’m sorry. I think that’s an issue of privacy and security. President Trump has tried to roll this back, the Obama-era rules, that force our schools to do this. And I’m sorry, but Senator Wagner has sided with Governor Wolf and President Obama with advancing it.”

In her opening statement, Ellsworth addressed how she would attack the opioid crisis. Ellsworth says she would restore a position eliminated by Governor Tom Wolf which has been part of the problem.

Audio also courtesy of PCN, “I would restore the secretary position that existed under the Corbett Administration that this governor got rid of. If he’s wandering why he can’t focus on a solution is because he’s removed a secretary whose job is to focus on a solution.”

The third gubernatorial candidate, Scott Wagner, did not attend Monday’s debate.


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