Groundbreaking for new all inclusive playground at East Snyder Park

SELINSGROVE – After many fundraising efforts, the new all inclusive playground at East Snyder Park in Penn Township is only months away from opening. During a ceremony Thursday, the Andy Russell Charitable Foundation’s founders, board members, and its partners broke ground on the playground.


Russell says he’s excited work on the playground is finally starting, “We’ve been working on it for months, and we’ve had difficult fundraising, so here we are, its gonna happen.”


Andy Russell’s wife Cindy also expressed her excitement, “It’s super great, its awesome, and we’re so excited to see it to completion. And all the equipment is designed for even kids that don’t have a problem, and adults.”


The playground spearheaded by the former Pittsburgh Steelers player will be the first of its kind in Pennsylvania. It will specifically be designed for those with special needs, physical disabilities or other life altering challenges.


President Fritz Heinemann says the playground will be officially open by this summer, “This will be functional and up by June 1 of this year. Tomorrow, they start with all the ground work and excavation. By May 11, we start putting the equipment in, and by June 1, its operational.”


The foundation is still looking for donations, still short of its $475,000 goal. You can donate today at You can watch the entire ceremony on the WKOK Facebook page.

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